A trivia quiz competition is fun, socially interactive, mentally challenging and you can win free things! There are always prizes be to be won, but the best prize is having something to do with your friends that keeps you awake and alive!

Memory Lane Trivia Quizzes are top of the range. Without a GREAT Trivia Quiz – people might never be enticed to come and join in. Even so some people don’t want to go out on a week night.

There are a growing number of recently retired people, who don’t want to drive at night. Many of these people will jump at the chance for something to do with friends on a weekday. Many of these people will make new friends at an event like this, because trivia is interactive and conversation comes easily.

First and foremost trivia fans go out to be with friends. Being smart and winning prizes is the icing on the cake. As an added bonus, we all now know that staying active in mind and body is our best defense against memory loss later in life.

If you have a venue in a big retirement area, Memory Lane Trivia could be just the type of event that you need to book permanently to bring a loyal group of customers into it every week. Please contact us for an information pack.

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